Credit Me Nordic / Benefit Brokers Ltd

Benefit Brokers Ltd was established in 1993. We have head office in Helsinki in Finland and branch offices in Torino in Italy and in Tallinn in Estonia. We offer loans to corporate clients with competitive terms.

For Investors

Credit Me / Benefit Brokers Ltd offers competitive investment terms for investors who have experience in investing in corporate loans. You can invest in a loan portfolio with a high yield (7-9% per annum depending on amount and term) and have this loan portfolio assigned for your sole benefit as the security of your investment. The value of this security is 100 % of the invested capital at any time.

This is how it works: As an investor you sign an investment agreement with Credit Me / Benefit Brokers Ltd which in turn lends the funds forward to corporate clients. We call these loan agreements as a loan portfolio. Both the issued loan agreements and the cash from the repayment of these loans will be assigned to you as the security. Terms of the portfolio are fixed; loan repayments and new loans circulate continuously. At the end of the investment term you can choose whether to ask your investment to be repaid or to renew your investment agreement wholly or partly. As an investor you will get a breakdown for your assigned loan portfolio at anytime to see the underlying loan agreements.

If you are interested in investing in Credit Me loan portfolio or would like to know more about the terms available please contact our Investor Service tel. + 358 10 436 0600 or contact us by email to


puh. 010 436 0600

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